Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chatty Kathy Catching Up

So I guess I am making blogging a yearly event now? I have been at Dimensions 3 years and we are even in a new building. I still enjoy making people look fabulous. Grace is in 6th grade and is at a new school (her school system consolidated and now they have two schools. One K-2 and the other 3-6.) She just finished her last year of NKYFL cheer, loves girl scouts, Glow and youth group. She will be starting tumbling and cheer this month too. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun. I filled my life up with busy work here and there and until today when I saw the link to my blog on a friends blog I had forgot I even had one.
Life will slow down a little now though. This was the last football season I will be coaching the North Knox Youth Football League Cheerleaders (3-6 grade). I am glad I got the chance to start the program back up and I really hope that someone will continue it in the years to come.
I am still enjoying working with the high school dance team and have even started a Jr. High dance team with the help of a very talented young lady. Their names are the Red Hots. Cute right? They are so adorable and seem so very young compared to my big girls. Watching the new girls on the high school team and the jr. high girls learn and grow over these pasts few months has been a blessing to me for sure!
Garry and I are teaching the Grapple kids (4-6 graders) on Wednesday night at FBC Bicknell. I love it.....most of the time ;) The kids are wonderful and challenging all at the same time. We just started a new series on the movie "Soul Surfer". They are soaking it all up like little sponges. I am going to have to make a whole separate blog for that subject alone. I am pretty sure those kids are changing my life as much if not more than I am theirs.
Well, that is pretty much catches you up. Maybe if I wait another year to blog I will have more to say LOL

Monday, June 14, 2010

Organized Chaos: It's been a year

Organized Chaos: It's been a year

It's been a year

It's been a little over a year since I have blogged! Dimensions just celebrated the 2 year mark. I still love it lots and lots.

Grace is playing fast-pitch softball this summer and she is having a really good time. She enjoys the chanting in the dugout just as much as she likes to play.

Garry started a new job at Westport Auto. He will be working in the parts department and I think he will like it a lot better than Bill Dobson Ford. I pray that this can be his forever job.

I have 9 girls on the dance team this year. We just got back from camp. It started out a little rocky but by the end of the camp they were doing very well. I am looking forward to an amazing year with them.

Becky and I are trading babysitting this summer. It really will work out well for Grace for sure. She gets bored just hanging out with Mom all the time.

We don't have any plans for summer yet. I am hoping to get to do at least one fun trip as a family before Grace has to go back to school. School starts August 10th! Gets earlier every year for sure.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

One year and counting

On June 9th I will have been at Dimensions for one year. I can't believe it has been one year already!!!! I don't regret leaving J.C. Penney's. My life if much better for it. I LURVE all my girls I work with. I couldn't ask for a better group of girls. They put up with all of my annoying little quirks (of which I have many) and still yell a "bye I love you" at me as I walk out the door. I am blessed to be able to work with good people and do what I love. Garry has been so supportive and really helped convince me that it would be ok to step out of my comfort zone and embrace my new life as a self employed person. I won't lie, it is scary sometimes and somewhat stressful. The freedom I have now over my own scheduling is way worth it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Cats Have Wings

I read an article today that was all about a 1 year old cat that sprouted wings. It was a normal little kitten until it hit it's 1 year old birthday and then POOF it started to grow little wing like appendages. All of the scientists have suggestions as to how the winged cat occured but alas they have no concrete evidence as to how or why it really happended. I think I know why the cat grew the tiny wings, (besides being adorable with wings) God wanted that cat to have wings. Enough said. Why do they have to know WHY all the time. Maybe somebody somewhere thought to themselves, "If only God could give cats wings, then I would really know He was there and could believe". Trust me, I have been that bratty kid that needs to be "shown" and I am sure stranger things have been asked of Him. The owners say the cat is happy and healthy and in no pain. Nothing bad has come from the cat getting the wings. So I say that if God thinks it's cool to have winged cats then it's cool with me too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Chatty News

I haven't blogged in a while. It isn't because there isn't much going on in my life. There is always SOMETHING. I am just not very good at the written word. Here are a few things that are going on right now....

All of the fish died in the fish tank or as Becky put it, the pond turned over. Garry cleaned it all out and now we have new ones. Yay Garry!

A stray-ish cat adopted us. I suspect that it belongs to someone nearby but he likes us better. Grace named him Ken. His name was Princess first until we discovered she was a he.

I'm signed up to go on The Walk in the fall. Garry might go too and if he gets to go in the fall he gets to go before me. *Insert pouty face here* LOL

I'm reading a book that has zero value except for entertainment. It's called Many Bloody Returns. It is several short stories by lots of different people. I got it because I like Charline Harris (The Sookie Stackhouse Novels) and she is one of the writers. It is ok. Most of the other writers I found boring. But, I started it so I will finish it. That is how I roll.

I have been super busy at work. That is a good thing because I have to pay that guy named Bill. He takes all my money.

Garry took Spring Break off with Grace. They had a lot of fun together. We ended up going to the Indy Zoo and the Indiana State Museum on that Monday. Grace had a blast. It must have been the perfect weather because most of the animals were up and moving around. Especially the monkeys. They got a little X rated so we didn't hang out too long with them! After our long day we ate at the Golden Corral and I got food poisoning...good times.

Becky helped me out with Warriorette try-outs and I now have 14 girls on the team. We will see how many stick with it until the end of the year. Really I would have been thrilled with like 6 girls. I have my work cut out for me for sure.

Grace is going to dance again at Jean Marie's. I thought she would never want to do any kind of dance ANYWHERE after what happened at her last dance school. She is having a good time. She says it is a little too easy. I told her to just do her very best and make those easy moves as graceful as she can. She loves the tumbling class too.

The talent show that I organize at Grace's school is coming up. Grace wants to do a hip hop dance with her friends. She wants ME to teach them one. I know! Me!? Well, I will do my best and there is always youtube to help us out. The kids really have a good time and for some of them it is a really big deal, for some of the parents too. Some get a little "Stage Mom" on me. But, I don't do it for them I do it for the kids and they can get over it :)

Grace has a birthday coming up. She will be 9. That just blows my mind. I took her and some friends to the beauty college to get their nails done and their hair curled. Then I took them to J.C. Penney's and bought them all a matching shirt to wear to school. They had a good time. On her actual birthday we will take her out to eat somewhere that will sing to her and then go bowling. On the Sunday after her birthday we will have her skating party. If you count the treat bags at her school with everything else the child has 4 birthday parties. I know, it's all my doing. I take all the responsibilty for the spoiling!

We had to replace just about every stitch of spring and summer clothing Grace had. I got out her clothes from storage and NOTHING fit her from last year. Boo at that for sure! We went on a little shopping spree and got her all new clothes and shoes. Come to find out her shoes she has been wearing are a full size to small! She didn't say a word about it. Silly child. I don't feel so bad about it because she could have told me they were too small. I only felt bad when she was little and couldn't tell me I was cramming her foot into a too small shoe (yes I did that...Mother of the Year here). All is taken care of now and we should be good to go for both spring and summer.

A new store moved in next door to the salon. Nice right? No. Not really. You must be 18 to enter if that gives you any clue as to what they might be selling there. We all run to the window to see who is coming in and out. People sprint from their cars to the door of that store and from the store they clutch the tell all brown paper sacks to their chests and run equally fast back to their vehicles. If you have to feel quilty about going in and buying something from a store....maybe you shouldn't. Just saying.

Well that is all I have time for right now. I hope you have enjoyed my random thoughts.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love the not so lovable

I have a little old lady that drive me batty. She wants me to curl her hair using no product, no teasing it and NO HAIRSPRAY. Then you know what she does the next week she comes in? DO YOU KNOW? She yells at me for her hair not staying. She tells me she hates my hair no matter how I wear it. She comes 15 minutes early and sits and stares at me and huffs like a bull the whole time she is waiting. She threatens me that she is going to go to J.C. Penney's to get her hair done because I just don't give her the time she wants (she was in the nursing home for a month and a half and I didn't keep her standing open, so when she came back it took a few weeks to get the EXACT time she was only one hour later one time.) She tells me I am way to heavy for my height and that I scrub her head to hard. Then she tells me I didn't get in good enough behind her ears and neckline when I shampoo her hair. She smells like B.O. and pee. She has a mullet. Yes. The elusive female mullet. Did I mention that I love that little old lady? Everytime she leaves I tell her how good it was to see her this week and I look forward to seeing her next week. Most of the time I even mean it. :) She only gets out once a week and it is to come see me. The rest of the time she is stuck in the house. I get a feeling she is treating me like she would her family. Kind of backward way of showing someone you like them by telling them how bad they suck and that you hate their hair do, but it is her way. She has taught me patience. I thank God for putting her in my life.

She tells me at least once a month she wants me to do her hair for her funeral. I will do it and I won't use any hairspray.

Organized Chaos

My life may seem a little messy looking from the outside in. Trust me, I know where everthing is at :)